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Visiting The Multicomplex Building

Visiting the Multicomplex Building


Visiting the Multicomplex Building

Welcome~ First time at IGC?


Marking the highest numbers for student intake this year, IGC welcomes its students for another exciting year on campus. For new students, however, the new environment can provide a whirlwind of confusion. But not to worry; we have compiled some useful tips for new students at IGC.
The first place to remember is the Multicomplex Building. Used jointly by all universities, the building is full of amenities to help students enjoy their campus life.
Join us in exploring the Multicomplex Buidling.

+ IT center

The IT Center is a helpdesk that issues and manages student IDs and access cards and provides technical support and other such IT services. The center takes advantage of its streamlined IT education infrastructure to support universities with their global research and studies.

Areas of Support

  • Issues student IDs
  • Leases IT equipment, devices, etc.
  • How to lease equipment: Visit the IT Center website
    (click on the banner on the IGC homepage), (Signup is required.)
  • Visit the IT Center homepage ( to apply for the use of the facility/equipment and other services.

Location : Ground floor, Multicomplex Building
Opening Hours : 09:00 – 18:00

+ IGC Library (Main Library)

The IGC Library is open to all IGC students, faculty, and staff. It offers easy-to-use, upgraded facilities, in addition to the latest global academic information systems to help users stay up to date in the era of knowledge of the 21st century.


  • Borrow books
    (Ground floor: Korean books; Second floor: Special materials, international publications)
  • Study halls
    (General study hall, reading space, laptop area, 24-hour study hall)
  • Access to computers, copiers, etc.
  • Student ID required

Location : 1F-2F, Multicomplex Building

Reading Room Etiquette

1. Put your mobile phone on silent mode.
NO talking on the phone!
2. Walk with silent grace
3. No food or beverages.
4. Keep the space tidy after use.

+ 24-hour Study Hall

Open 24 hours a day, the study hall is designed to meet the different study needs of individual students. The wide, open space offers three types of seating: cubicle seats, open seats, and cocoon seats.

Location :

  • #2020 (150 seats; To the right of the elevator on 2F of the library)

Opening Hours

+ IGC Health Center

The IGC Health Center offers medical services, education on prevention, and consulting services to promote and manage the health of students, faculty, and staff.


  • Medical services
  • Treatment of illnesses, injuries, etc.; guidance with over-the-counter medicine; medical aid rentals (wheelchairs, crutches, etc.)
  • Health management services: Blood pressure, InBody results, physical check-up, health advice, public health information, etc.
  • Information on nearest emergency facilities, hospitals, etc.

Location : #3068 (3F Multicomplex Building)
Opening Hours : 09:00–17:30 (Lunch break: 12:00–13:00), MON-FRI


※ First aid station available for use at nighttime / public holidays

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