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Learn About Hottest University Clubs

Learn about Hottest University Clubs


Learn about Hottest University Clubs

Looking for a Club?


No campus life is complete without club activities.
Join a club and communicate with more friends, build up your personal skills, enjoy your free time, and enrich your life through colorful experiences. Consider some of the hottest clubs at
IGC universities.

The University of Utah Asia Campus + UPC
Inquiries :
Events are a source of fun that will get you through the daily routine of university life. UPC is a club that plans and offers events for UAC students. Each semester, UPC picks a unique theme and works out the details through discussions. It is a time-consuming task, but UPC members say that it is well worth their efforts to make UAC students happy. The club has five current members and is looking for a director to lead it into the next semester.
#Want Events? Leave Them to Us.
Ghent University Global Campus + Beauty,full
Inquiries :
Are you ready to be beautiful? Beauty,full is the one and only beauty club at Ghent University Global Campus. It offers various learning and experiential activities related to beauty, including make-up classes, personal colour analysis, and tours of cosmetics companies. The club is currently looking for one more member and will be recruiting additional members in the fall. All genders are welcome. If beauty is your passion, come knock on Beauty,full’s door.
#Interested in Beauty by Any Chance?
George Mason University Korea + Domain
Inquiries :
Domain is the only campus band at George Mason University Korea. This club gives joy and touches the audience’s hearts through various festivals and performance events at IGC. The band is comprised of 10 members and is currently looking for an electric guitarist, bassist, etc. Add a dash of fond memories to your life on campus; join Domain.
#Here Comes the Band, the King of Clubs
Stony Brook + SKCS(SUNY Korea Computing Society)
Inquiries :
SKCS is a club dedicated to computer science. It was founded after the home university’s community of current students and graduates, ‘Stony Brook Computing Society.’ The club is a great place for sharing knowledge on computer science and benefiting from the invaluable experiences of others. To keep its members interested in their major and advance the spirit of community, the club provides various events each semester. If you would like to better understand this major and build memorable friendships, come join SKCS.
#Have Fun with Computer Science
FIT + Merchandising Society Club
Inquiries :
Can you believe that a student club actually designed our school uniform? The Merchandising Society Club is one of FIT’s flagship clubs, operating the goods shop on SUNY Korea’s campus, the Retail Revolution Store. Opened officially on April 29, the campus shop sells FIT and Stony Brook University uniforms produced by the Merchandising Society Club. Join the club and learn about the fashion management skills needed to make products and run a store.
#Stitch by Stitch, from Planning to Making
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