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Career Centers At IGC

Career centers at IGC

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Career centers at IGC to
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Incheon Global Campus not only provides a differentiated curriculum but also actively supports students’ careers and employment to realize their dreams through learning. There is also the Career Center that plays a key role in that realization. It provides students with information on career and employment as well as opportunities for career experiences, presenting the vision for a successful tomorrow. You may find introduction to the Career Center by each IGC university, which turn the concerns of today into opportunities of tomorrow, as follows:

The Career Center of the State University of New York, Korea lays out its 3C Strategy – Counseling, Coaching, and Consulting – to provide students with career support services. Based on this strategy, it posts information on part-time jobs inside and outside the campus, internships, and job opportunities of local and global companies.

“With information from the Career Center and advice from counselors, I was able to intern at the Green Climate Fund (GCF) and perform activities at the university students delegation organized by WFUNA. I had a very meaningful and rewarding spring semester and summer vacation that I would have otherwise wasted without the help of the Career Center.”

Career Center Programs of SUNY Korea

Career Center Programs of SUNY Korea

1. Career Counseling

  • ① Career Aptitude Test
    Data analysis of test for students’ talents and interests can help them choose their future careers.
  • ② Resume and Cover Letter Review
    The resume and cover letter are the first steps towards employment. Students can have their resumes and cover letters reviewed, revised and supplemented.
  • ③ Internship and Employment
    Experiences such as internships, research support, and volunteering can help to build academic knowledge and confidence in their future career.
  • ④ Interview Preparation (Mock Interview)
    Mock interviews support successful employment by training students to convince interviewers that they are the best candidates for the job opening.
  • ⑤ Career Mentoring Program
    Career mentors provide one-on-one mentoring for students to have basic understanding of work environment and get necessary preparations checked up in advance.
  • ⑥ Job Fair
    The Career Center provides students with opportunities to participate in various job fairs and career fairs to increase their understanding of job trends and job support processes.

2. Career Program

  • ① Company Visit
    Company visits can help students understand the industry, obtain information about the company, and develop their career paths through meetings with personnel and working-level employees.
  • ② Career Talk to You
    Career Talk To You invites experts in a wide range of fields every semester for students to learn from their experiences and Q&A session.
  • ③ Career Design School
    Career Design School helps freshmen and sophomores identify their own inclinations and make practical career plans.
  • ④ Career Build Up School
    Career Build Up School helps Juniors and Seniors to prepare for the job search process to the fullest extent, helping them understand the entire process from applications to preparations.
  • (032)626-1190

The Career and Internship Development Center of the University of Utah Asia Campus offers students opportunities to broaden their career experience and international perspective through MOUs consistently signed with domestic and international companies. It is designed for the students’ future with the Handshake program, which provides alumni lectures to strengthen networking with alumni and high-quality information on overseas employment.

Thanks to the ‘Vocational Workshop for ‘International Students.’ a workshop specifically arranged for international students interested in finding jobs in Korea, I was able to expand my career options after graduation!

Career and Internship Development Center of the University of Utah Asia Campus

Career and Internship Development Center of the University of Utah Asia Campus

  • ① Career Workshop
    Through three to five career workshops per semester, the Career Center provides various training programs in career development, including skills for an English resume, how to use LinkedIn, and job interview etiquette.
  • ② Career Specialist Seminars
    Specialists in major fields are invited to share their practical work experiences in the industry and provide career advice on how to enter into the specific field.
  • ③ Open Session (Graduate Program and Career Counseling)
    Students can choose sessions to attend depending on their interests. The sessions will provide meetings with experts from various fields to help plan their future career.
  • ④ Experiential Internship Program (MOU)
    MOUs with businesses and international organizations provide UAC students with a wide range of internship opportunities. Besides learning practical skills, students may also hope to be connected to employment through internships.
  • ⑤ Employment Workshop for International Students
    Foreign students who want to find a job in Korea can obtain information on how get a job in Korea, especially at foreign companies and start-ups that look for foreign employees.

Counseling Programs of the Career Center

  • ① Resume & Cover letter
    UAC has two specifically-segmented processes for writing resume & cover letter, helping students effectively write a resume from the first year through stage-based counseling.
  • ② Career Assessment and Career Counseling
    UAC students are eligible for the services through online applications and get help in understanding about their own careers through systematic career designing.
  • ③ Going on to Graduate School
    For students preparing for a graduate school, information about graduate schools in Korea and around the world is provided.
  • ④ Internships and Employment
    Through the Handshake Program, the Career Center offers the same internship and employment opportunities as its home campus students. Information on employment and internship opportunities in Korea is also provided through the Handshake system.
  • ⑤ Mock Job Interview
    The program supports students in preparing for internships and job interviews to build readiness for employment through mock interviews.
  • (032)626-6198

The Career Center of Ghent University Global Campus(GUGC) is actively operating career development programs for students at GUGC, specializing in the fields of Biotechnology, Food, and Environmental Technology.

As it supports with programs in perfect match with the nature of the department, it has been a great help to me for my future employment and studies.
As my classmates are more interested in applying for a Master’s degree, I really appreciate that this program has helped apply for graduate schools in Europe!”

Career Center of Ghent University Global Campus

Career Center of Ghent University Global Campus

  • ① On-campus Advanced Research Practicum Programs and Off-campus Corporate Internship Programs
    1) Advanced Research Practicum Program (on-campus): On-campus research institutes related to majors provide a rich and in-depth lab experience under guidance of professors during the summer and winter breaks.
    2) Corporate Internship Programs (off-campus): Leading biotechnology companies in Korea, including Janssen Korea, Binex, and Eone Diagnomics Genome Center, provide work experience.
  • ② Employment Competency Enhancement Program
    On-site professional consultants are invited to provide practical advice and guidelines for students.
  • ③ Review of essential documents for job applications and interview consulting program
    Customized services for Students are provided as individual counseling in application documents (e.g. cover letter) required for the actual employment stage as well as mock interview practices.
  • ④ Career Support Counseling Program for Individual Students
    Using various on- and offline tools, career preparations according to the student’s academic plan are reviewed and improved.
  • ⑤ Corporate Visit Program with Internships
    Before starting an internship program, students may visit the company in advance and gain information on the work and internship program from on-site staff.
  • ⑥ On and Off Campus Student Engagement Programs
    In cooperation with international organizations and institutions in Songdo the Career Center has been developing cooperative programs to encourage students to participate in on- and off-campus programs.
  • (032)626-4010

GMUK’s Career Development Center provides a four-year career development program to establish a “four year road map for job preparation,” providing students with a year-round service to ensure successful employment after graduation.

Whenever I have a question or concern about my career development, I can arrange an interview, and I have been helped with detailed information about the fields I want to work in, not to speak of resume writing. In particular, it is very helpful because I can get informed of job opportunities immediately.

Career Development Center of George Mason University Korea

Career Development Center of George Mason University Korea

  • ① Career Awareness (freshman)
    This program helps students discover their capabilities, aptitudes, and talents. It uses its own developed tool to identify and evaluate their strengths and weaknesses.
  • ② Career Search (sophomores and juniors
    This program is designed to explore specific careers that students can choose through direct communications with experts in certain areas in “career discovery” workshops and events.
  • ③ Career Focus (4th year
    Students can participate in employment events directly related to employment or preparing for graduate schools.
  • ④ Career Network
    GMUK provides students with various opportunities to intern not only on campus but also in various organizations and companies, including international organizations, NGOs, global companies, and startups. Through these experiences, students apply their knowledge in a real work environment and develop their competence. In particular, customized career counseling services are provided with appropriate materials, programs, and guidelines for students interested in specific careers.
  • (032)626-5116 gmu
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