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Excellence, Then, Is Not An Act, But A Habit

Excellence, Then, Is Not an Act, but a Habit


Excellence, Then, Is Not an Act, but a Habit

How do you make your college life more fulfilling? Is there a secret you may be missing out on? If so, here is a senior who can help show you the way. Meet YUN Hye-rin (Senior, Global Affairs, George Mason University Korea) and find out how she has spent her days on campus.


Senior, Global Affairs George Mason University Korea │ YUN Hye-rin
Admitted to MBA Program at Thunderbird School of Global Management,
ASU, with Full Scholarship

Why George Mason?


For four years, George Mason University Korea helped me in so many ways. The year spent on the home campus was one of the most valuable experiences for me. I can never forget the time spent in class with other students of different ages, genders, nationalities, and races. I grew profoundly just by working with people from diverse backgrounds.
I truly enjoyed my classes at George Mason University Korea. I loved my major curriculum, and found that the curriculum for my minor, Psychology, was just as rewarding. I enjoyed every minute of the classes, which were boosted by the passion shown by my professors.

Which program did you find especially helpful?


I took full advantage of the programs offered by the GMUK Career Development Center. I was involved in a number of programs, from internships to events by international organizations. The programs offered were so diversified that I even felt privileged to be a university student. Taking the internship program, I gained advanced experiences for my future social life. Participating in the special lectures and events, I was able to gain knowledge in various fields of interest that went beyond my major disciplines.

I want to encourage new students to knock on the door of opportunity. Don’t hesitate! There are wonderful events and programs waiting for you.
I also just love lectures. I made sure to attend lectures to listen to guest speakers. One of the most impressive lectures recently was the ‘Women’s Leadership Summit & Gala 2019,’ organized and hosted by George Mason University Korea and the Incheon Free Economic Zone Authority. I learned so much from the different stories of success and failure, and I enjoyed hearing how the speakers overcame their struggles.

What is your secret to
success in college?


I want to share how I study. I love developing a habit. I divide the hours and get into the habit of doing what I need to do. It is not about crashing and simply stumbling to reach a goal; it is about setting goals and taking small steps toward them. If you need to study, give yourself an assignment: spare 20-30 minutes just for studying. You don’t have to confine yourself to dealing with specific details and forcing yourself to do a precise task at an exact hour; just complete the task a little at a time, whenever you have the time. Finish each assignment and, step by step, you will have completed what seemed to be an insurmountable task. The rewarding sense of achievement you get will inspire you to take on other challenges, and this will help you to continue to grow.

Any advice for
GMUK students?


I want to encourage GMUK students to be proactive in whatever they do. Opportunities abound everywhere. If you make the effort, you will surely find them — especially at IGC. You can visit your professors or explore the programs on offer at your school. Make sure that you take advantage of whatever you need. By taking the first step to seeking guidance, you will soon find yourself surrounded by countless helping hands.
But that also means that you have to be prepared to make use of such help. Good opportunities present themselves to those who are prepared. Excellence does not spring out of a single action; it comes from habit. I hope that you can build good habits and learn to seize great opportunities while at college.

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