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Graduation speeches of Spring 2019

The graduation ceremony for 2019 Spring Semester was successfully held. Representatives of the graduates of IGC universities delivered their speeches and shared their lives from the beginning of college life to the end, expressing their feelings and determinations.
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Career centers at IGC

Incheon Global Campus not only provides a differentiated curriculum but also actively supports students' careers and employment to realize their dreams through learning. There is also the Career Center that plays a key role in that realization.
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Exploring IGC’s Potential

Growing from a humble figure of 40 students in its first year and soaring to 2,500 students this year, what has driven such exponential growth? Meet some of our new students for 2019 and listen to what they have to say about IGC.
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Let Your Dreams Take Flight at SUNY Korea

For those just starting at SUNY Korea, here are some tips from a student who has taken advantage of the best of what this university has to offer in terms of getting students ready for a new tomorrow Meet Stephanie Wenhui Jin (Technological Systems Management, SUNY Korea) and check out her campus experiences.
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Visiting the Multicomplex Building

Marking the highest numbers for student intake this year, IGC welcomes its students for another exciting year on campus. For new students, however, the new environment can provide a whirlwind of confusion. But not to worry; we have compiled some useful tips for new students at IGC.
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