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2019 IGC Music Festival

2019 IGC Music Festival


Passion Not Verbalized in Words Yet

Passion Not Verbalized in Words Yet
Untold Stories of 2019 IGC Music Festival


On November 6, the IGC Music Festival was held with great success. The lineup of great performers and the brilliant performances of talented IGC students made the night wonderful.
Let’s take a look at the key to the success of this festival.
Here are the untold stories of the students who made the day a success.

freshman in Global Affairs,
George Mason University Korea

The hardest thing I was faced with when I was preparing for the music festival was difficulty in arranging time for practice because I had to study and had some things going on in my personal life as well. I was worried as the festival approached, because I thought the performance wasn’t perfect yet. In particular, the highlight dance break with the chair for the performance to the song “Miniskirt” was quite delayed. We couldn’t use the chairs until the festival was only two weeks away. So, we ran through the performance until quite late at night in order to make it perfect. It was very hard to prepare for the performance. I will never forget the feeling of reward and excitement that hit me when I left the stage after the performance was over!

KO Sean, DTD, junior in Molecular Biotechnology,
Ghent University Global Campus

Actually, I hurt my ankle during a soccer game before the performance. I thought it may be bad for my ankle to participate in the performance. However, this was my last chance because I am leaving for the home campus in Belgium next year. So, I decided to participate in the performance. Luckily, my ankle got better during practice. But suddenly, just before the performance, the ache became worse, maybe because I was practicing so hard. I rushed to the First Aid booth and then went onstage. On the stage, I was just proud of myself and felt like I was a professional choreographer. It was such a great memory. Then, after the performance, I had to work to finish my bio-Informatics assignment. Anyway, when I’m not onstage, I must do my best as a student.

SEO Hyebin, U go Girl, sophomore in
Urban Ecology,
The University of Utah Asia Campus

Our team has lots of experience performing, so we were quite confident. And our teamwork is perfect. So, there were no worries. However, just a day before the performance, there were lots of glitches during our rehearsal. It was very alarming with just one day left! I couldn’t help bursting into tears. But we never gave up. We rehearsed until midnight. However, on the festival day, all of our worries vanished when we saw each other. This moment gave us confidence and trust. We could finish the performance without any mistakes. I was satisfied with our performance.

KIM Yohan, LA BOON, senior in Applied
Mathematics and Statistics,
SUNY Korea Stony Brook

This music festival was my last performance before graduation, so I did my best. I want to say thanks to everyone at IGC for their devotion, to my friends for their support, and to the audio director for their brilliant ideas. I think it was because of the perfect audio and the support of my friends, but anyway, the managing agent of Ailee, a Korean singer who performed at the festival, asked for my contact information. When I was given his business card, I felt so good because I thought ‘is this mean I will make my debut as a singer?’ Since then, he hasn’t called, but I feel so great. I felt like it was proof that I did quite a good job.

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