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Graduation Speeches Of Spring 2019

Graduation speeches of Spring 2019


Graduation speeches of Spring 2019

IGC, Good Bye
Thank You


The graduation ceremony for 2019 Spring Semester was successfully held.
Representatives of the graduates of IGC universities delivered their speeches and shared their lives from the beginning of college life to the end, expressing their feelings and determinations.

George Mason University,
Korea International Studies

When I was a freshman, I never expected my college life will transform me into a better person. Looking back, however, I can confidently say that every opportunity I encountered at GMUK and the home campus of Fairpex made the present ‘me’ differentiated from others. Various internships, volunteering activities, and classroom lectures have all broadened my perspectives about the world.

Internships at the World Health Organization (WHO) Mental Rehabilitation Center, especially in my sophomore year, were the most memorable internship experiences as it was an opportunity to interact with recovering patients and contribute to the field of mental health. These valuable experiences helped me know more clearly who I am and what I want. When I started my master’s degree at Thunderbird Global Business School at Arizona State University in August, I had a bigger dream, and I’m grateful for all the opportunities I’ve had.

Ghent University Global Campus
Molecular Biotechnology

The motto of the GUGC is “Dare to Think!” Following this motto, I have “dared to think” many times. I dared to think about going on a backpacking trip to China, studying every day, and working out, but it remained as mere thinking. My only regret at GUGC is that I thought and never acted the thoughts. It’s because I never dared to act. If I were to go back to my freshman year, I would boldly put my reckless thoughts into action. Courage to start is more important than perfect planning. This applies to all of us. So don’t be afraid to challenge, but dare to act courageously for the next chapter of your life. Your dream will definitely come true.

Ghent University Global Campus
Molecular Biotechnology

New York State University Stony Brook Department of
Technological Systems Management

My biggest fear was being negatively evaluated by others. I was one of those who do their best to be perfect for other people. However, when I entered Stony Brook of SUNY Korea, I began to see the walls that surrounded me cracking. The cracking was started by English. I was a perfect native Korean who spent the whole life studying in Korea and was not used to communicating in English.
I couldn’t speak in front of people because I was afraid of what people would say about my poor English. In class, I wanted the professors to ask no questions and kept trying to hide. But I’ve overcome all the fear now. I was able to cope with the fear thanks to the help and encouragement of professors and classmates here. I learned how to live as a pioneer, not a follower, during my college life here. Thank you very much.

The Statue University of New York,
Korea FIT Fashion Business

I still remember the joy and nervousness as a college student when I stepped on the campus for the first time in the hot summer. It was an experiment and a challenge to experience FIT Korea Campus for the first time. It was never easy, and there were a lot of challenges, but I was able to accomplish a lot. Students, faculty, and staff have all tried their best to get various opportunities.

As a result, our efforts have paid off, including the fashion show held in commemoration of the FIT school start, the FIT Retail Revolution, the FIT Museum opening, backstage experience in the Seoul Fashion Week, internships, and a recent fashion show in Central Park. And the fruitful results will give students more opportunities and experiences. Now I’m proud to be a FIT graduate, and I want to move towards a bigger world. I hope all the students will fulfill their dreams based on what they have learned here.

University of Utah Asia Campus

I love psychology very much, but I wanted to know how the biological aspects of the brain and neurons work and how they are connected to the human body. My love and passion for the department was so deep that I might have looked like a geek. The first course I took was an advanced biology class with only students of the premedical course. After taking this class, I realized again that “what I am learning is really interesting, and I kept busy exploring for more learning.” Among all courses in psychology, my interest in clinical pathology led me to take all courses in medical science.

When I finished almost half of the course, my major didn’t make it to the Honors list. Even my closest friends and family advised me to take an easy and comfortable path. However, I do not regret my decision because I did my best and experienced everything. And that’s enough for me now as I graduate.

University of Utah Asia Campus

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