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Connecting Each Other

Connecting Each Other

Special Theme

IGC, Connecting each other

At IGC, unique and diverse students from countries around the world study to realize their dreams.
Some form special ties at IGC,
Let’s hear their stories on IGC, whether they are family members or old friends.

The State University of New York, Korea

GO Juyeong Younger sister, sophomore in the Business Management / GO Seoyeong Older sister, junior in the Computer Science

IGC Offers Us Many Opportunities

Nice to meet you all! We are students at SUNY Korea, and we are sisters. Our majors are different and so are the career paths that we are dreaming of, but we were alike in wanting to apply to Stony Brook University for the advantage of learning from the curriculum and education programs of Stony Brook University in Korea. I believe that the best part of the Computer Science is the faculty, as they are graduates of t op-tier universities in the U.S. or worked for software companies in Silicon Valley. As an aspiring software developer, it is so great to be able to learn from experts like them. The Business Management at SUNY Korea offers abundant opportunities like startup camps and major-focused internship programs. Last year, I participated in both of these programs, and I was excited to hear that there will be more similar opportunities in the future. So far, most of the students who got into IGC grew up overseas, graduated from international school, or are foreign students. However, this year the incoming freshman class at SUNY Korea will have more Korean students who do not have any overseas experience, and they have a lot of diverse interests. We want to share our experience and opportunities gained from IGC with new friends.

As Sisters, We Were Able to
Learn about Differences at IGC

We are freshman twins attending the Ghent University Global Campus(GUGC). We decided to go to GUGC as we thought it would be very helpful for both of us. We are planning to major in Molecular Biotechnology. The curriculum at GUGC, I believe, has a lot of experiences and lessons. The most meaningful experience we have had so far was in chemistry practical session. My older sister is very calm and precise, unlike me.
I tend to look for the fastest and most efficient method. On the other hand, she tends to be more thorough. Throughout many trials and errors, we found that precision and efficiency are both important for successful experiments. Through this class, we have learned to acknowledge our differences and admire each other, striking a perfect balance. During our first semester at IGC, we learned that it is crucial to acknowledge and understand differences among people. We, as twins, have many differences in our personalities. We are also very different from our friends, who come from various backgrounds.
I learned about many of these differences while working on group projects. The most important lesson has been learning to understand our cultural differences to get along.

We Believe in the Possibility of Achieving our Dreams

I’m ROH Yeong-jae, a freshman in the management department at George Mason University Korea. My father finished the master’s course in conflict analysis and resolution at the Fairfax campus in 2016. When I visited the campus of George Mason University with my father, I was very impressed. My father told me there is limitless potential for growth and dynamism at this university, and I totally agree. With his encouragement, I decided to go to IGC. My biggest motivation was that my father wanted me to experience the American education system. My father told me it is possible to learn about the role of arbitrators in Korean society, where interests collide among various groups. My major, management, is different from my father’s major. My father has always said “if you do your best and believe in your strength and potential, you will definitely live a valuable life without regret.” I have taken his words of wisdom as my guiding motto in life. I have tried to be very active at IGC, participating in different activities related to my major. I feel great that I have been able to share my school life and changes at school with my father since I entered GMUK.
He has also been able to offer me his insights on my future career path. I feel my bond with father is even stronger now. Now, based on my potential, I will build my own future at IGC.

The University of Utah Asia Campus

I Want to Experience More at IGC with My Friends

We were friends at Brown International School in the Philippines. Although we are not the same age, we are still good friends from our school days. We chose IGC for the same reason, although our majors are different. It was natural for us to choose the University of Utah Asia Campus, as the school provides the opportunity for American style education with a U.S. curriculum and we are interested in the media.
Students interested in marketing and PR can build careers as school ambassadors and there are school clubs for media and broadcasting. At school, students have great opportunities to develop their own capacity. In addition, we are proud of the close ties between professors and students. Here, it is very natural to drop by a professor’s office just to chat.
Recently, the dean of UAC invited the IGC students to share traditional American food and learn about American Thanksgiving traditions. The event was truly meaningful.
It is also good to experience cultural diversity, learning about holidays like Halloween. It’s amazing to feel that we are continuously changing and experiencing new things about our majors and new cultures. IGC marked a turning point in our lives.

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