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2019 Summer IGC Journal No.20

Exploring IGC’s Potential

Growing from a humble figure of 40 students in its first year and soaring to 2,500 students this year, what has driven such exponential growth? Meet some of our new students for 2019 and listen to what they have to say about IGC.

Meet Professor Cynthia Underwood SUNY Korea FIT

Find out more about the world of fashion design and education philosophy from this educator whose dream since childhood has been to make her own clothes.

Learn about Hottest University Clubs

Join a club and communicate with more friends, build up your personal skills, enjoy your free time, and enrich your life through colorful experiences.

Excellence, Then, Is Not an Act, but a Habit

If so, here is a senior who can help show you the way. Meet YUN Hye-rin (Senior, Global Affairs, George Mason University Korea) and find out how she has spent her days on campus.
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